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Our Breads

Broadway Daily Bread uses only the finest, freshest ingredients available.  Our wheat is stone ground right here in the store so you get all the healthful benefits of the whole grain.  You won't find any artificial ingredients, preservatives or added fats, and we use locally-produced honey as a sweetener.

Some bread varieties are produced daily, while others are made only on certain days of the week, or are seasonal.  Please see the schedule below for details.

Most of our breads are vegetarian-friendly; however, vegans should be aware that in addition to the use of honey, we brush the tops of our loaves with a wash of egg whites before baking.  If you would like us to leave off the egg wash, please give us at least one day's advance notice.

Honey Whole Wheat (daily) - 100% stone ground whole wheat sweetened with honey

Birdman (daily) - our most popular bread, this whole wheat loaf contains sunflower, flax, millet, and poppy seeds

Old Fashioned White (daily) - made with unbleached, untreated white flour

Dinner Rolls (by special order) - you may special order dinner rolls from any bread variety that is produced on a given day.  Please give at least one day's advance notice for special-order dinner rolls.

Pumpernickel (Tuesday, Jan/Feb/Sept/Oct) - a dark rye loaf with caraway seeds

Meusli (Wednesday, Friday) - a breakfast-style bread filled with raisins, dates, oats, walnuts, flax and sunflower seeds

French Sourdough (every Wednesday) - crusty sourdough in oblong, round, or baguette shapes.  We also make a Rosemary Olive sourdough loaf.

Pugliese (every Wednesday) - a round loaf of Italian sourdough


Rocky Mountain (every Thursday) - whole wheat bread with oats plus toasted flax seeds and toasted pecans

Sky Captain (every Friday) - white bread loaded with flax seeds

Organic Spelt Birdman (every Friday) - organic whole spelt flour with sunflower, flax, millet, and poppy seeds

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